A chess game

When I play on-line blitz generally I have a time disadvantage with quite a substantial lag time. In a three minute game that adds up. One can play with as little as halt the time of the opponent if they are in a nation or state with fast internet speed.

One of the things about playing chess like that is that comparable to war, one doesn’t always know where the game will end up once it’s started. The game below was like that. My opponent is a much lower rated player yet played quite well considering. I played with a junk log-in; the internet speed is bad and I don’t want to invest time recovering many points in rating. My tactics rating at chess.com is usually about 2000 yet my blitz rating at this login is 1160 or so. My opponent was about 1130, so he made a lot of fundamental errors like weakening both king and queen sides and failing to castle- he was all about offense initially. My actual rating is around 1400, all things being equal, so I try to not make fundamental errors even without a plan. I often use a lot of pre-moves to make up the time disadvantage yet that can really backfire. In this game the speed was o.k. and approximatley equal. Still, I didn’t know the game would evolve as it did. I played white.






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