China Declares Inevitability of War With U.S.A. Again

Finally we have the results in; World War Three is inevitable. China said that war with the U.S.A. is inevitable March 11, 2021 and repeated that assertion March 6, 2023. It may be a new tradition that will occur next year too unless war occurs first. It shouldn’t be surprising that China doesn’t care for Biden administration policies since so many others don’t either. Most people wouldn’t declare that war is inevitable though, lacking the ability to win a war with the United States. What is it about Biden administration policy that puts China at loggerheads with the U.S.A.?

Democrats are a litigious party incapable of thinking outside the box on foreign policy. They always have lawyers in the White House that represent constituent, homosexual, woke, feminist and immigrant constituents as a kind of shop steward gone wild suing their way to act as CEO’s of the company. Democrats believe they have the most power in the world when holding office and believe they own the law and can morph it to serve their interests too when they have enough Supreme Court justices on their agenda and own Congress in some way or another. Democrat policies are in part supported by the very rich because they expand the consumer base and increase sales while being somewhat ineffective at taxing the rich. Democrats have the same approach to international relations.

Unable to pass a foreign relations 101 course if it required logical analysis of what various nations would do if given select situations Democrats have a two-dimensional approach to the world of international affairs that is three or four dimensional. Democrats believe they can sue and shell their way to transform the planet’s people into their preferred socialization agenda because they hold the most high and powerful cards. Being insiders in Washington DC. they cannot understand any method besides the use of force nor appreciate the potential use of force by China and Russia together as enemies very well. Fundamentally they believe that military supremacy and nuclear MAD policies are enough to avoid conflict. They will probably continue to act as they have until proven wrong.

Nuclear conflict would be deleterious for all involved of course. In would agree that Democrat Party policy works lead to war, yet not for the reason that China stipulates. The dust up in international relations is the result of inflexible bureaucracies unable to think outside of the box of the social-economic engine they exist within. If nuclear war does develop it could be said to be a war between bureaucracies.

Developing the war with Russia over Ukraine as a long range Democrat Party policy instead of developing a share Ukraine with Russia approach was requisite for Russia to decide to invade Ukraine and try to keep as much of its lost land as it could. Russia being a friend of the west was necessary to bring China toward the west. China without a strong military and political relationship with a Russia isolated from the west and depending on Chinese economic and technical trade wouldn’t have felt comfortable developing war brinkmanship and plans for invasion of Taiwan entirely alone.

China in the present situation might believe the U.S. and N.A.T.O. have reduced their military readiness and arms stockpiles for conventional war by sending much to Ukraine. It is also aware that the U.S.A. usually makes war on poor and militarily inferior countries rather than on peers. The U.S. nuclear deterrent gave it military hegemony over half the world for half a century before nuclear proliferation changed that balance with the Communist block and made the world a far more dangerous place. Each bureaucracy will suffer and its nation’s people will suffer from nuclear conflict. A war over Taiwan would have a better chance of precipitating nuclear war than of ending at the level of a win or loss for either side with conventional weapons.

Even today the political circumstance is solvable yet it would require thinking outside the bureaucratic, litigious boxes of the Democrat Party and Wal-Street. The war in Ukraine doesn’t mean that World War III is inevitable, With luck either Desantis or Trump will win the 2024 Presidential election and have the capacity to direct political change bring peace with Ukraine in Russia with a land settlement and de-escalation to end war and rebuild that nation while the United States increasing the tax rate on the rich, secures its southern border, begins to pay down its public debt and invests more in Indian economic production than China through various tax incentive on Wal-Street.

China is on a rapid economic and military path of growth largely boosted by western investment in the Chinese economy. It is like someone feeding a pet alligator that consumes a lot of product sales too that becomes a danger eventually to the owner. There is a tremendous amount of p.r. and rhetoric to support the war from Wall Street as the patriotic thing to do. That inertia is very dangerous and inimical to U.S. interests. Actually a peaceful and prosperous global political economy with a recovering ecosphere is the right direction rather than interminable conflict, global heating and adversarial international relations settled through raw military power with war as litigation through other means.

For those that are even historically educated the present complete complex of compresence concerning China and Russia may seem equivalent to countless times of the past when the United States was involved in conflicts and business continued to prosper while politics flow on and past it. Unfortunately the present conflict has the potential for not being like that at all. The present conflict that is growing could be the actual war to end all wars and most of the world civilization with it. Statesmen with deep historical understanding and competence are required rather than bureaucrats with law degrees that are dangerously daft.

The corporate world pursuing private self-interests and profit may regard international relations as an externality equivalent to that of environmental conservation. It isn’t necessarily a rational actor in regard to international relations or even a cognizant one. IF a nation is led by a wealth of bureaucrats pursuing narrow self-interest and litigating their way to attain those it may be like a bull addicted to cocaine have a red cocaine sales flag placed before it. The bull will continue moving to the red cocaine flag until it attains its goal.

The U.S. economy has been unbalanced since the Reagan administration cut taxes on the rich. The nation has piled up 33 trillion dollars of public debt and spent unwisely on various infrastructure, military and social programs that isn’t sustainable. Wall Street has been bailed out and the expansion to buy up the planet’s economy continued as the nation’s investment in its educational programs degraded to produce lower levels of intellectual excellence. The war in Ukraine seems like a stumbling block in the way of the new world order’s effort to impose its will on Earth’s economy. It may be that a war with China sooner rather than later may be the most realistic and affordable way for the Biden adminstration to go if it cannot defeat RUssia in Ukraine fairly soon. Yet an escalation of what already is viewed as a proxy war may become the prelude to full scale war with Russia and China. Ukraine may be the 1930s Spain of the 21st century. Democrats may decide the prospects for defeating China decline each year while the CHinese economy is growing as its military grows too while the U.S. has vast public debt and may need to cut social spending to increase military spending. That is the natural flow of bureaucrats thinking inside the box.






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