Each Book Move (the poem)

The match was never ending
Knight Bd2 followed d3
a metaphor of games to see
computer moves that could never be
howling wolves clawed eight pawns of light
converting them to Queens when time was right
Democrat’s coven of evil tide
schlockin bockwursts of other sides
beyond grey lines moving to red and black
opponents fell into enjambed cracks
pre-moved knacks captured cold piece glides
Stanley steamers rolled roycing died
mangling rook powered pawns
time advantaged on-line blitz wrongs
decorating squares gongs occupied
baud rate intentions playin
sloop plans of Clauswitz
woke brown bear and timeshares
erasing data bit foes
strong poems everyone knows
went belly up
dead chess games floatin
not even honorable mentions
restored twitterhood dignity with pawns promotin.






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