For God So Loved the World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son (a poem)

He said that “Those who saved their life would lose it”
one must follow the Lord before all others
family, friends and country

In the service of God the Lord Jesus took the cross
and walked through fists, whips and hate
to the place of the skull for the lost
where he was crucified for you and I

Mankind is born of original sin
with nothing to gain and nothing to win
undeserving of redemption God still found a way
to reconcile the lost to eternal life in Jesus’s day

A blood sacrifice of atonement
a substitute for man
the blood of the Lord was shed
in the fate of divine plan

That whosoever  believes in Him
Shall not perish and have eternal life
in resurrection from the forever sleep
– Jesus took upon Himself
for those of faith
the penalty of death for mankinds’ sin.






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