Government Propaganda Tool N.P.R. Quits Twitter

The national government’s biggest domestic propaganda agency N.P.R. was one of Twitter’s largest twitterers with more than 50 different accounts spewing propaganda spin to the world. From its early inception with government funding, N.P.R. grew to become a broadcast media monstrosity drawing in vast corporate and private support, donated by those seeking influence an amity with the quasi-government entity. It may have reached an audience of 2% or 3% of broadcast media followers. N.P.R. quit because Twitter listed it as a government supported agency. N.P.R. claims that isn’t true because it just receives 1% of its budget from That one percent is critical because it makes N.P.R. seem to be a government financed agency that the rich want to find favor with. If the 1% stopped altogether and the government gave its spare billions to the Ukraine Government so they can have artillery shells for Christmas the funding of N.P.R. from corporate media might dry up.

N.P.R. is a chimera. Maybe it like the Federal Reserve that claims independence yet is perceived to be a tool of the U.S. Government. Its boss seem to be replaced if it is out of step with POTUS. It is a propaganda entity apparently seeking to be perceived as publicly funded from small individual donors including Major Corporations, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other grass roots Americans or foreign persons of interest. It may have government funding yet it claims independence. It may be a non-profit (or not) yet its personnel get quality paychecks. If it was a private entity the corporate contributions would stop and Rupert Murdoch et all would probably buy it and put it to good use playing Elvis Presley music around the clock.






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