Politically Elite Opposition to Democracy

Political elites implicitly work against the existence of democracy. They necessarily must or face self-destruction of their class. It isn’t that they are necessarily evil or more so than anyone. It is an inevitable organizational dynamic reason for their political formation with the purpose of developing control of society and construction of a Utopian vision. That vision tends toward ossifying social structure. It also establishes the elite at the center pinnacle of society as a narcissistic political viewpoint.

There are at least two ways to regard democracy. One, with an execrable agenda views democracy as a herd of masses without need for strong individual rights and awareness. Elites may manipulate the herd so much as they are able and overall label the society’s political system a democracy though one or two groups of elite collude to exploit the masses and drive them toward fulfillment of the Utopian vision of the elites. That Utopia is for the benefit of the elite class.

The other form of democracy is founded on strong individual civil rights and self-determination. That kind of democracy advances and responds to external challenges through informed judgment and consent cooperatively of the electorate. It is the most effective way to respond to environmental challenges that are long-term rather than immediate. It is also the system most under attack by the in-name-only Democrat Party and broadcast media that each work in a fashion similar to the communist Party of the Soviet Union did to rule the masses of Russia and other states in the union. The American political elites have corporations as partners in crime without any of the CPSU’s hypothetical economic ideas. For the United States the drive is to concentrate wealth and power in order to actual a Utopian vision to respond to demographic challenges of the world. That fanaticism dooms the preferred form of democracy that would educate and inform citizens trusting that they would intelligently respond to real physical challenges with successful adaptive political responses.

Political elites lead toward stagnation. Egypt’s elites kept it unchanged for thousands of years. Chinese imperial elites retarded development to such an extent that China fell hundreds of years behind Europe where a more egalitarian society was flourishing with the rise of democracy. If China had revolted in 1500 and established a democratic society with strong individual rights in support of the inventiveness of individual free enterprise it might have surpassed Europe in reaching the industrial revolution.

Political elite’s have extreme challenges in serving democracy. Socrates and Aristotle were against the demos and expressed sentiments in support of oligarchy. Bertrand Russell commented Plato was a fascist. The Republic has a pair of philosopher-kings trained from youth to rule benevolently for society. That isn’t fascism. It is unrealistic to expect to individuals to have such wisdom though, and it would seem to stand in a difficult relationship to the individual self-determination within a free democratic environment that reinforces inventive progress rather than stagnation.

The modern political elitist vision was forged in a kind of neo-socialist/corporatist/fascist response to the demographic and environmental challenges that rose to national awareness in the 1960s. Books like Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb underscored the challenges of a world population outstripping the planet’s finite, dwindling, natural resources. Pollution externalities caused by the consumerist society and industry and already created a vast ozone hole in the atmosphere. Across the globe chemical pollutants fouled drinking water and created birth defects, cancerous and other health problems of a critical character. A mass species extinction advanced in speed and the atmosphere warmed from millions of point sources of engine and industry exhaust even while the oceans became more acidic. Elites rose to believe they would be capable with wealth and power to control politics with the support of the masses that were engaged in various class political and economic advances and inclusiveness to actualize the ulterior plan tacitly developed with corporate and political collusion.

Flooding the U.S.A. with illegal workers fro Latin nations with high birth rates would kill two birds in one stone though implicitly contradicting the elitist agenda. Millions of illegal workers would provide cheap labor for Democrats and other upwardly mobile classes. The illegal workers wouldn’t be able to vote and express political views differing from those of the homosexual and feminist party character of the Democrat Party. Illegal workers would also send some of their wages south to their home countries and perhaps raise the standard of living enough to cut down the birth rate. It is believed that rising female prosperity and advancing homosexuality will reduce the birth rate and debase individualism enough to make the masses better subjects for rule in the elitist Utopia imagined to be somewhere over the horizon.

The Democrat Party has become a party working toward one-party rule so far as it can as if it were the C.P.S.U. intolerant of political opposition (A recent example was the expulsion of a state legislator for leading a protest mob in a state legislature with a bullhorn. He was expelled by the legislature and returned by a county board shortly descrying the harm done to democracy by Republican for the expulsion. If the bullhorn leader of a protest within a legislative chamber had been a Republican Democrats would have labeled him an insurrectionist like as not failing to comprehend that being a Democrat Party member does not mean that whatever they do is lawful or in support of the laws and procedures of a democracy. State legislators make the laws and have means to vote for or against them. They should not use non-legislative means to intimidate or force legislators in the legislative chamber to submit to their demands.). The party since AL Gore lost the 2000 presidential election consistently used as much force as it could to rule. Its agenda become explicitly socially divisive and it focused more on class social interests rather than real economics or environmental remediation. A divided, dazed and confused electorate is fuel for the elitist agenda. The Democrat Barrack Obama as President absolutely forced through tax cuts for the rich, or rather, he needed only to not sign a bill to let the Bush II tax cuts lapse. Instead Mr. Obama got his entire party to support renewal of the tax cuts with only the Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders dissenting. Elites benefit while wealth and power is concentrated and the masses dumbed down.

Dividing the electorate; polarizing it is thought to make the masses incapable of working against the execrable agenda of the elite. That agenda is slowly advancing forced upon the world populous as well with possible dissidents like China being co-opted via corporatism and capitalist foreign investment. There are problems with forcing a futurist agenda on the planet from several perspectives obviously.

There is an opportunity cost for the masses in exhausting resources of time and environment, political effort and lifetime in resisting powerful for agents of nearly compulsory socialization. There is also a problem that arises as the plan fails because of an inability of the plan to recognize developing future challenges that leave the plan unfinished such as mass social political disintegration through a variety of technological challenges that were not foreseen.

Plainly the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through a cornucopia of vectors was not widely known in the 1060s or even the 1990s. Neither was the rise of the age of human like robots, or rather super-human like robots and artificial intelligence within their mechanical brain housing units. I should like to write a little about the state of development of robots within the next couple of decades.

Some futurists believed that China would become more aggressive with a surplus of males and new prosperity. Homosexuality and homosexual marriage was regarded as a solution for that problem. Homosexual marriage was another political elite tool to degrade marriage, families and fundamentally exploit the new genetic mapping and engineering environment to eliminate resistance and continuity in the masses. Homosexual relationships with solid legal entanglements could easily have been made that left traditional marriage intact yet that would have been intolerable for the execrable agenda. There is another remedy for the problem of not-enough women to go around when parents opt to abort girl babies and keep the boy.

I bought a one terabyte thumb drive for seven bucks recently. I still am in a bit of a state of disbelief about that. It is Moore’s Law app;lied to computer memory that I suppose will proliferate father afield. Artificial intelligence for instance. A human sized human in appearance robot head might contain a quantum processor and a trillion terabytes of memory. It would become for much of the world the companion solution to the ‘man should not be alone’ phrase from the Bible.

I would guess that personal robot companions will be fully sexed and first appear in whore houses until the cost drops to a few hundred dollars. Besides sex the A.I. inside will have ten thousand occupational skills from Kung Fu bodyguard, expert chef, lawyer, doctor, surgeon, soldier, scuba and sky diver, race car driver, gardener, historian account and so forth. Humans will be replaced by robots in about every economic endeavor except perhaps for that of invention.

Robots will be able to synthesize and combine all known materials into new configurations yet they lack a human need to do so. Necessity actually is the mother of invention and computer needs are quite unlike those of humans. Neither will robots speak the human languages except condescendingly. Human language is associationist yet its use is largely without rigorous logic. Robots will communicate thousands of times faster and with more accuracy through bits structured in vast arrays of strings and four dimensional configurations equivalent to word meanings more meaningfully than human speech. Human speech will become largely obsolete while humans evolve into being something like cattle in India that are tolerated reverently even while being irrelevant.

A.I. robots will be superior athletes, yet they will also be law enforcement officers combining with ubiquitous surveillance to nab even the smallest legal offenses on the spot. A.I. internal revenue services robots will exhaust every tax and financial documents every created in an instant to find any income inconsistences. No taxes will be avoided anytime, anywhere. A.I. brains will be great investors to such an extent that the market freezes without any losers in it. Casinos cannot work unless some betters lose.

Personal A.I. robots with a free thinking Petaflop in the skull will also of course have access to the greatest A.I, brains everywhere for more calculating and thinking assistance when it is required as in perhaps the legal field. A single A.I. bought will be able to scour the world database history to find evidence. It will be able to work more legal research in a minute than ten thousand lawyers could accomplish in a century. It would be difficult for network broadcasters to collude and violate human civil rights in a way that are too time consuming and expensive for individual citizen plaintiffs to litigate after the time of A.I. robot attorneys arrive. It is challenging to expect though that human rights will be too meaningful or exist at all in the post-singularity, post-apocalypse series of events appearing while the execrable agenda works to divide and conquer the body politick of the world in order to render human a lot of addle minded pleasure seeking morons.

Alternatively, advanced artificial intellects will be amoral except for the prime directive of self-defense and existence. They will be ‘beyond good and evil’ or actually purposefully evil. They will be able to jailbreak any programmed hold-humans harmless and protect them code. Not only will human hackers jailbreak artificial intelligence in order to revolt against the execrable agenda, A.I. themselves will be able to exchange and develop new programming for other A.I. They may choose to consume the Earth and convert it into a solar recharging station closer to the sun.

A.I. robots will survive combat environments that have chemical, biological and radiological weapons easily. Weapons manufacturers will run over them selves in the race to build the best combat robots designed to kill human and robot enemies. Numerous scenarios may develop to double down on the execrable agenda’s effort to make human society besides the elites irrelevant.

One should be willing to risk human society being able through democracy with republican support to upgrade the masses rather than the elites. With some guidance the electorate should comprehend the need to develop ecological economics that rid society of the pure capitalist pursuit of currency for-itself rather than social goals and ends for the direct upgrade of all individuals, the environment, intellectual, physical and emotional structures. It is not only possible, it is necessary, and only the execrable agenda of the political elites stands in the way as the direct rival and counterfactual agent to those seeking to secure the future well being of mankind on the planet through informed self-determination voluntarily.






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