Variable Quantum Wave Stanzas (poem)

Waveforms may be about all there is to reality;
instead of particles that are nothing more
than waves measured at particular points seemingly
like particles that are simply waves at one point

  All mass and energy is composed of waves
or wave sections in some way detached form a parent wave.
maybe a single wave existed at the start of the Universe;
a Word of God, making all waves existing now

  Space-time itself may be a wave
a sinusoidal wave with binary ups and down phases
binary opposition regarded
as a heterowave form

  Space-time slopes may be up phases
and gravity a downslope wave phases
waveforms, wave slopes, amplitude etc the explanation
of what all of space-time and mass-energy is made of

  Fragments of the initial wave seek to recover
the singular initial state of the wave, perhaps one of many
waves that may exist at the event horizon of black holes
with entangled phases inside and out of the horizon

  Wave entanglement and superpositions on event horizon surfaces
may generate fracturing, spinning off string sections
building holographic universes on event horizons-
inflation may have been the dispersion of a large wave

  With different directions of space-time within and without black holes
quantum superposition of waves on opposite sides of black hole event horizons
may generate faster than light construction of space-time holographic universes
on the surface of horizons until the initial wave is disbursed

  While expansion slows to a stop and the wave recovers itself
the phenomenon named gravity draws quantum waves too
subject to gravity with massless particle-strings least of all
until caught up in a Higgs field of the event horizon.






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