Wouldn’t Democrats Expell Republican Reps that Led Protest Raves from a Legislature?

When Republicans in the Tennessee state house expelled two Democrat legislators for leading a chant from the chamber with members of the protest mob in the gallery as well as bullhorn wielders leading protests outside Democrat media across the nation howled in protest going so far as to say democracy was threatened by the expulsions. Democrats couldn’t possibly be more hypocritical, yet maybe they ordinarily are.

Legislators already have all of the legal opportunities required to lawfully get things they want done. It is not right to disregard lawful means and disrupt the legal, constitutional process themselves in order to get media attention or to intimidate Republican legislators. One of the expelled said that he was “crucified” for being expelled. Dem ocrats would boot Republicans that led raucous protests from state and the federal legisl;atures if they could. Factually they would boot them even if they were silent if they could. If they claim they would not then Republicans in D.C. might take chanting lessons and at least start with ‘we shall overcome’ in the Senate next time Democrats want a vote Republicans can’t defeat.

If the party roles were reversed democrats might have accuse Republicans of being insurrectionists colluding with extreme right wing forces to threaten Democrats simply defending democracy. When Tom Hayden and Abbie Hoffman were Chicago rioters at the Democrat National Convention protesting the Vietnam War they were on the outside and put on trial. To my knowledge years later when Tom Hayden was elected to be the state representative from California’s 23rd district he left that riotous behavior behind on the street. Democrats should recognize the difference between civil, lawful conduct exemplified by legislators and protest mobs pursuing their special interests regardless of how dear the protesters and media hold those interests.






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