Government Half Truths, Flim Flam, Spin Spun etc.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”-Upton Sinclair

Considering the policy implementation and ideas of the administration and its state sponsored affiliate broadcast media organ NPR I was reminded of the Godfather’s method of persuading a Senator to toe the line by placing a severed horses head in bed with the Senator while he slept. A day after Elon Musk’s Starship blew up four minutes after launch Elon Musk’s Twitter rescinded its labeling of NPR as a state sponsored broadcast affiliate. Those rocket launches can be subject to a lot of government, spooky Democrat Party mal-intentions. Maybe its a good idea to elect someone to manage Ukraine war funding that hasn’t had a son employed in Ukraine serving as a door for Ukrainians to lobby the White House.

Issues abound to go over if one had the time or interest. Personally I believe neither major party is capable of running a competent Presidential candidate any more. Skepticism is the appropriate response of the times.

The first issue is the Christian school shootings that left six dead. The sole remedy Democrats envision and bludgeon the public with is to bite a chunk of the 2nd amendment and eat it raw. The second is the budget negotiation embedded in the U.S. public debt limit; the President says the sky’s the limit on public debt- that he wants no limit on public debt so he can send another quarter trillion dollars of weapons to Ukraine to kill Russians during the new fiscal year without any trouble about maintaining a tight budget.

Mass shootings are a cultural problem rather than one of Americans having too many guns. Democrats flood the nation with illegal aliens to provide Neo-slave illegal labor and to prevent good wages for black and white legal laborers. That bumps out economic stability and helps flood prisons with urban Negroes that creates prison jobs for a few and reduce competition for desk and sundry indoor good-paying jobs preferred by women.

Mass shootings just didn’t happen in schools before the Clinton administration’s surge of killings from Colorado to Oregon when it was all the rage. One might get the impression that mass shootings and gun murders are at least fifty percent a strictly black American issue yet it may be that is simply because of the problem of black gangs. Even if guns were banned much printing guns with 3-D printers and fitting them with quality barrels and hammers would make them about as effective, yet less safe, than manufactured weapons. Criminals would have a flourishing business making and selling guns to criminals somewhat more easily than they can produce fentanyl and heroin I would guess. Democrats may wish to be able to disarm Americans to more readily intimidate them politically and socially with thugs and goons at the door.

Mass shootings and targeted killings were probably enhanced by the rise of cell phones too. Cell phones and a profusion of automobiles among youth allowed gangs to go mobile nationwide with coordinated attacks and even murders for public relations. Those are cultural phenomena that eating the raw meat of the second amendment won’t mitigate. A nation promoting homosexual marriage and mass illegal migration into its urban core areas while saturating the southern countryside is likely to have a rise in cultural displacement and conflict phenomena. Public education may have declined in quality as well for a number of sociologically based reasons. The decline is more one of education failing to adapt to the tech era rather than that of the educators of today being inferior to those of the past.

Plainly though hundreds of Americans die each year from mass killings. It would be possible to save 25,000 lives each year in the nation if automobiles and trucks were banned from the streets. If streets were given over to bicycle rides countless pedestrians mowed down from behind by fast moving and increasingly silent automobiles would be spared. Because Democrats drive cars they have no concern about replacing cars with fast underground electric guided transit tubes crossing the nation to save lives.

No matter, there are other issue to consider. One is that of the U.S.A. censoring political speech in social media. Because social media is the primary venue for American political discourse wherein citizens can directly express political ideas the rise of Obama era censorship was a caustic additive. It’s basic ingredient for growth was the homosexual lobby to expropriate and redistribute marriage from heterosexuals. Democrats decided that any political speech that included terms they didn’t like was hate speech. It might be an example of hate speech whereby a writer said that darkness overcame the Earth each night if a censor construed darkness as a code word for African-American equivalent to braggot. Corporate owners of social media purged their ranks of dissidents to homosexual marriage and supported the elimination of free speech in mass of writers using even a few words on a corporate hate list lexicon.

The rich and queer corporate social media power to define what is or isn’t hate speech was bent from the start yet effective as a surge of political to let a Democrat Congress push homosexual marriage in to law, yet the residual effect was to leave the left controlled corporate censorship of social media intact. It was able to find ways to delete antipathetic political speech in additional ways. Tucker Carlson and Dan Lemon being fired recently could team up at a minor news network to form the core of a radical tell-it-like-it-is analysis staff. Fox News paying vast punitive damages sought to eliminate controversy that might interfere with recovery of profit and CNN wanted to eliminate a male that had stepped over the narrative line paint by the numbers approach to news to improvise a personal pail of shade to throw on Nikki Haley in response to Haley’s bucket of shade thrown on President Joe (the old) Bidem. In my opinion Donald Trump would crush Joe Biden at shuffleboard mano y mano. The 2024 Presidential race could lift some real sleepers to the finals.

I stipulate that an exceptional well qualified candidate beyond age 80 with a clearly articulated platform responding to real challenges could serve as President, yet neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump fits that criteria. Rather they are qualified in aspects of personal greed and ambition that places their own interests before that of others. I do not doubt that some people in advanced years may be outstandingly greedy until their last breath.

I agree that hate speech can exist. The test of what is or isn’t hate speech is well compared to the debate over what is or isn’t art. Political speech should be protected if one wants to have a democracy in fact rather than ostensibly. Using a few politically incorrect terms in an otherwise political essay or comment is a world away from simply writing a purely hateful piece without valid political ideas. Maybe it is comparable to the debate over pornography and art. One shouldn’t censor a DaVinci painting with a half naked man as pornography because one knows it isn’t, though a Monet with flowers and clothed women may be safer, while there are cases farther toward the gray area with landscapes and naked bathers, a naked women coating herself in chocolate, and simply naked women in lewd acts. Some pornographic actors and actresses might consider their methods artful-in-themselves of course. I believe nowadays it is simply graded or labeled for viewer opportunity to decide if they want to experience the content. In the social media censorship of politically antipathetic writing even a single word in a thousand that is not approved by the censors is cause enough for deleting not only the essay but all of the author’s writing; a complete ban from that social media outlet.

One might wonder why the rich that own social media should so aggressively support the suppression of free speech. The reasons are many and I will speculate about them even though one must infer from sociological stasis rather than direct knowledge of a body of collusion that intended it.

The rich and powerful throughout history have sought to totalize their control of society. One may approach the political summit of fascism from three-hundred and sixty political degrees; from socialist and communist to democratic and authoritarian etc. Controlling free speech and limiting it to those that reinforce the values of the powerful is as old as government so it is a natural evolution of social media to make it controlled by the values of the rich, or rather the values the rich want the masses to have. It wouldn’t be appropriate for values of piracy, amorality, greed and fascism to be prevalent among the masses after all.

The world’s demographics of eight billion souls living on a planet that can support just two billion at an American level of consumption means conflict is inevitable and the choices is more one of how the conflict to reduce world population will occur than if it will. It would be wrong to believe that the rich and powerful haven’t considered how they might manage the conflict to their advantage.

The M.I.T. economist Lester Thurow commented in one of his books circa 1999 that the traditional family structure doesn’t work anymore and that radical change has to happen. The traditional family structure with is propensity for economic expansion is like an inverse pyramid increasing from the bottom up demographically, and everyone in it expects a better standard of living than that of the preceding generation. Elites thus may have decided to put some intention on economics to radically change the political economy of the United States that would annihilate traditional families and heterosexual marriage with reproduction as normative. Promoting homosexual marriage was a brick in the wall sealing traditionalists in the past with a cask of amontillado.

Elon Musk’s Starship is the biggest rocket ever launched. If one could load it with a hundred passengers and 100 others like it each day and send them to Mars only 3,650,000 people from Earth could travel to Mars in a year. In a century that would be 365 million people. Plainly with the present Earth population being more than 8 billion just a tiny minority of the Earth’s human population could relocate to Mars if the Earth ecosphere collapses and it becomes uninhabitable as a result of war or abuse.

I have felt for decades that electro-magnetic mass drivers are the best way to have continuous heavy lift launches from Earth to Earth orbit; one need just overcome the friction into orbit minutes challenge to create in effect, a space-train machine gun.

Chinese rocket pardigmata are far more than a thousand years old while electrical mass drivers are fairly recent; humanity is slow to change its economic infrastructure methods. Government prefers paradigms with precedent. Government would rebuild a lapsed Cold War simply to avoid challenges of adapting to peace.

War is a traditional practice. It is naturally human to apply methods of war to solve human over-population and resource depletion challenges. Creating civil conflict mto distract the body politick from expecting resolution of environmental and economic challenges is s.o.p. In my opinion that is the paradigm Democrat Party elites and the rich have applied to the political economy of the United States. It is necessary in that paradigm to suppress free speech to expedite the conversion of the masses to atheism and amorality, A spineless, amoeba-like electorate following designated leader-actors as mindless followers is preferable to a restive, free society lacking political wisdom.

Stimulating race conflict always was a good way to direct concerns of the masses away from the poor quality of leadership. Everyone has a race and skin color so no one is ever completely free of being viewed by others as an object with racial characteristics. Economic class is more meaningful than race to ordinary citizens, and race as an issue is used by elites to distract from class economic concerns such as raising taxes on the rich. If poverty was structurally eliminated it is likely that race conflict would fade away. The struggler for income adequacy for the poor and social equality for the masses through economic parity are perennial challenges that collaterally impede the mass political effort to bring the world ecosphere to a state of full recovery from human economic insults and debasement.

My preference is for an informed electorate with actual free speech in a democracy or republic synthesis. It has been noted that a democratic society well-informed that willfully follows a particular course of action is the most effective of numerous forms of governance in mass action. Solving the world demographic challenges though real rather than ostensible democracy is the only way besides the second coming of Christ that traditional liberal values including that of traditional families and heterosexual marriage can persevere.

The dystopian scenarios of elite marionettes behind the scenes pulling the strings of a sham democracy like that of the United States are many. Humanity may be conformed like amoral sardines before losing their minds altogether via some new dope or doped product. The big sleep may peaceful transition billions of souls overnight ti the great beyond leaving the elites and immune minions to repair the mostly vacant planet’s ecosphere.

It should be possible to continue the present structure alternatively with nuclear family forms intact and protect the individual civil and human rights including the second amendment intact. That would require eliminating poverty directly with guaranteed basic income and taxation of the rich at a war level of 90%. Ecological economic practices need be implemented and jobs restoring the ecosphere created with government policy. Patent exclusivity should be reduced to five years with royalties of ten percent going to patent holders after five years. Border security should be total without illegal entry in order to allow sane democratic policy accounting to actualize into being. The United States should be a coordinator of neighbor nation ecological economic political economy transitions that conserve the ideal of technological progress adapted to be non-exclusive with the ideal of restoring the planetary ecosphere to health.

Make no mistake; President Bider is a spoiler upstaging real ecological economic progress. While no Democrat party candidate has ever expressed competence in ecological economics or presented a viable platform to transition the nation to one without displacing the masses and throwing them into gross, mass chaos, neither has President Biden understood the challenges facing the nation. Instead he has invested in a completely avoidable protracted war in Europe and proclaimed that his administration has done more than any other to implement good ecological policies, that were not much at any rate. Most Presidential executive actions to legislate from the White House through regulation are reversible by the next antipathetic President.






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