Social Constructs and Reality 1.0

Social constructs don’t exist in objective reality in the same way as the physics of the Universe. Social constructs are ideas constructed by sentient beings that are sometimes fabricated or manufactured synthetically interacting with mass and energy. There is much debate concerning quantum mechanics and epistemology and what is real, or if the observer is part of the system being observed these days. Science is something of an art or a rigorous art of knowledge of select things in a way. Subject-object distinctions were treated by W.V.O. Quine in his books Word and Object and The Two Dogmas of Empiricism, yet the subject has worked itself to elaboration including the Copenhagen Interpretation and the varities of proposed solutions to the Schrodinger Wave Function collapse. Sartre might have classified social constructs as ossified praxis- like highway signs for example. The problem is that physics tend to want to include everything in objective reality including the human mind and eliminate subjectivity. That’s somewhat difficult to consider as one’s own thought is for-oneself and sometimes for-others. Then the additional challenge of reconciling objective reality to the claim or nearly a fact fact that the Universe is just a concatenation of entangled waveforms slowed down in the Higgs field. In that case mass and energy are emergent, contingent phenomena rather than primary, objectively real things. All interesting stuff to consider.






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