Venus Global Warming Repair Testing Lab

The Earth’s atmosphere and ecosphere need repair. Since Venus is the most Earth-like planet in the solar system and has a temperature on the surface of something like 750 degrees F, it could be a good experimental repair lab for testing global cooling technology. The added benefit is that reducing the temperature of Venus would be a first step toward terra-forming that planet.

It is said that the Earth will burn up in four billion years or so when the sun becomes a Red Giant and expands in size to incinerate the Earth. Yet in four thousand million years physicists probably will have discovered some way to convert the red giant star’s heat into an energy field surrounding the Earth so they can keep the planet at a cool, comfortable temperature. Actually one might expect they could get that job done within one million years since a million years is quite a while for science to advance.

Of course it is difficult to test out some scientific theories. Hawking radiation theoretically would let a black hole cough up enough virtual particle half pairs in a trillion billion years to evaporate the black hole. Alternatively a black hole may input enough super-positioned virtual particles from all over the Universe to increase its size over a trillion billion years rather than decrease it. Perhaps every virtual particle that could appear from space-time eventually goes into a black hole until space-time is exhausted of virtual energy and not even space-time exists outside of a singularity at which point a catastrophic release of the black hole content might arise. It would be difficult to test that sort of theory.

Space-time,virtual particles in space-time, gravity and engineering anti-particles are four elements that allow for some fascinating potential configurations for experimenters of the future. One might find a way to use anti-particles to repel or kedge a space ship through the gravitational fields of the Universe toward the high end of relativistic limits without need for fuel (if one manufactured the antiparticles aboard ship). If one knew enough about gravity and what causes it one might in some way repel the space-time with gravity in it just enough to allow a spaceship to slip through the rent in space like a torpedo with super-cavitation follows an air bubble at its bow through water. It might be possible to travel faster than the speed of light with relativistic limits of space-time finessed away from a ship’s immediate area of travel.

Developing some technology or innovating convenient product is occasionally simple. For instance one enjoys a supply of empty bags for filling with coffee, folding over the opening and stapling it closed to make single coffee bags with whatever ground coffee blend one likes. Making space transport work better for the masses with electro-magnetic mass drivers is an obvious upgrade over single use chemical rockets because mass drivers can be used 24 hours a day repeatedly launching specially designed modules into orbit. One can research and upgrade planetary cooling devices in field test experiments. Applying a global cooling sun-screen above the atmosphere of Venus should be requisite before even considering applying one as a band-aid last-resort for Earth at L-5 in case of runaway greenhouse effects.

N.A.S.A. should add a Venus sunscreen program to its bucket list and enlist support for and cooperation with the space agencies of China, Russia and Japan plus anyone else that might want to contribute to making Venus habitable in the long run while developing a potential remedy for Earth’s greenhouse gas problem. Individuals making coffee single bags at home is controversial too I suppose, and even dangerous, yet not as dangerous as making a sunscreen to cool down a planet without testing it first in a full-scale model.






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